What Makes A “Bad Miiverse Post”?

If you’re a follower of mine on Twitter (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?) then you’ll probably have seen my secondary account, BadMiiversePost. BadMiiversePost is an account that posts pictures of stupid, strange, weird and silly posts from Nintendo’s gaming social-network, Miiverse. More often than not, I’ll post something that some people don’t get or understand why it’s bad, so I thought I’d take the time to break down what really makes a Bad Miiverse Post.

1. Comical Spelling Mistakes

Miiverse is full of people who are under 13, so sometimes I can forgive a spelling mistake. A young demographic tends to lead to some funny moments though, such as this example:

Obviously this poster meant to type “Rapping” but missed the second “p”. I’m surprised this wasn’t taken down by an administrator or reported and stayed up for at least 11 hours. Take a look at their username though, “YUDoDisPlsStayp”. Yes, this poster is probably a “troll” or just intentionally posts weird things, but a Bad Miiverse Post is still bad even if the poster is doing it on purpose.

2. Inexperienced Game Users

The younger generation aren’t used to “NES Hard” games, and it has become clear that some of them are struggling at places that older games breezed through back in the day. While they are using Miiverse in the intended way, it’s still very funny to see lots of users get stuck at the same places in retro titles. Case in point, Super Metroid.

3. Random Posting/Nonsensical Posts

Every now and again there comes a post that doesn’t really fit and should probably have never been posted. It’s not game related or related to the community posted in or doesn’t actually make any sense. Here’s a few below.

4. Lists

For every few good suggestions that someone puts in a list, there is always bad ones to balance it out. It’s just the way of life. Commonly found in the Smash Bros community, lists contain one or two good ideas, followed by eight or nine bad ones. Toad, Toon Zelda and Little Mac? Sure. Paper Mario, Krystal, King Boo, Louie, Heihachi, Pac Man, and the Miis? *Vomits* (Disclosure: Completely opinion orientated. Take it easy now and then.)

list5. Super Smash Bros. Requests

A way to message the creator of one of the most popular video game franchises ever made? Great! Being bombarded with the worst suggestions for characters to be put in Smash Bros. I’ve ever heard in my life? Not so great!

6. Creeps and Creepy Posts

Sometimes kids do the funniest things, sometimes kids say silly things and sometimes kids do creepy things that they don’t realise is quite creepy. That is, if they are kids…because chances are, they might not be…

7. Factually Incorrect

Some Miiverse posts are just factually wrong. That makes them bad, no other reason.

8. Drawings (NSFW)

It would be cruel to criticise everyone’s drawings, because some people are less experienced and are learning to get better, so it wouldn’t be fair. Other drawings are just plain bad and dumb. And the 1% of Miiverse posts are…phallic.

9. Fanboys

Obviously with a fanbase as vocal as Nintendo’s, you’re bound to come across the occasional fanboy now and then, who is spewing the same boring stuff about how the Xbox One is lame and the PS4 is a fail. It does happen the other way though, Sony and Microsoft fanboys are apparent on Miiverse.

10. Posts about Sonic

If, by permission of the internet, I am allowed, then I’d like to create a new rule or law. This rule states that any, ANY Miiverse post that contains anything related to Sonic is bad. Not because Sonic is bad, but because of the images below.

And that’s it! There’s a lot more criteria to what makes a Bad Miiverse Post, but really it comes down to what I find bad and hilarious. Sometimes others don’t get it but most of the time you do. So to those who follow me on Twitter, thank you, I never thought I’d get more than one thousand followers, let alone getting close to eight thousand followers! Also a special thanks to NintenDaan who originally made me create the account!

4 thoughts on “What Makes A “Bad Miiverse Post”?

  1. Anonymous

    I have never been so excited about a feature for my 3DS, I’m just going to see how long it takes for the stupid posts to become unbearable.


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